Platform for applications to create images


Krome is transforming how image is created for families, small businesses and online influencers – those using photos to engage, influence or sell. Krome’s service allows anyone to start with a photo and place a request to Krome’s designers for a beautiful and creative image.
Ki.OS has two sets of API's, with SDK's coming, for applications to access its resources and create images.

Optimize Selection

AI & Machine Learning
  • Select best starting image
  • Select best background/look for that specific image

Manage & Optimize Creation

AI & Machine Learning + Crowdsourced
  • Pre-Edit and prepare image for Editing
  • Select best editor for image type
  • Optimize payments for quality & speed
  • Review and determine if Reviewer is needed.
  • Select best reviewer & return to customer

Manage Feedback

AI & Machine Learning
  • Optimize based on feedback
  • Select best editor/reviewer for re-edit if need
  • Return re-edit to the user or application

API Access